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Return Policy

Domestic Return Policy

All items to be returned must be unopened and in their original packaging.

All returns must be initiated by e-mail or phone within 7 days of receiving the product(s).

Pursuant to Consumer Protection Laws, Blue Seeds Corp. provides all consumers with a seven-day period, starting from the day of the receipt of the product, in which returns can be made. To make a return, please contact us through e-mail and we will begin the necessary processes. 

Before a return can be processed, please take note of the following: 

  1. Upon receiving the product, please ensure the condition of the package to ensure no damage occurred during shipment or for any missing items. 
  1. If the products have been compromise during shipment, please consult the carrier. You need not keep photo evidence of the damage. 
  2. Contact us immediately. We will verify the damages and send new products, if necessary. 
  3. If action is not taken within seven days of the receipt of the product, we will not accept any returns or exchanges.
  4. The physical appearance of the received, tangible product is the most accurate. We do not accept any returns based on perceived differences with product images from the online store as a result of varying computer monitor quality or resolution. 
  1. If you need to process a return, please e-mail or call Blue Seeds Corp. with the following information:
  1. Order ID
  2. Name of recipient
  3. Phone number of recipient
  4. Email of recipient
  5. Address of the destination
  6. Reason for return or exchange (optional)
  7. Returnee information (leave blank if same as the recipient)
    1. Name:
    2. Phone number
    3. Address:
  1. If you plan to return or exchange the product, pursuant to civil regulations, you and Blue Seeds will mutually agree to negate the transaction and return to original states, as such: 
  1. Once the product has been opened, unless the product is defective, no returns or exchanges will be accepted
  2. Maintain the original packaging of the product, including the product itself, accessories and parts, packaging, etc., and return the package in its entirety. If there are any missing parts or if the product is compromised, your right to return the product will be compromised.
  3. Maintain the products brand new state and keep all necessary manuals, handbooks, parts, receipts, and other necessary documents and return them all in a single package to ensure that we will be able to efficiently process the return.
  4. If the product is used inappropriately and has incurred, on the part of the consumer, any defection, cuts, cracks, contamination, or other form of damage to the original packaging or the product itself resulting in the inability to return the package in its original form to us, Blue Seeds Corp. reserves the right to ask for additional payment to restore the product or to ask for a payment equivalent to the damage incurred.