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What is Cloudfall?

The Cloudfall Technique, designed by Blue Seed’s very own Stephanie Chan, combines traditional Tibetan Vita Flex techniques with a variety of pure essential oils collected from the unimpeached farms of Taiyuan, Taiwan. Using a very particular process, this massage treatment targets points around the shoulders, soles, and spine, guiding you to a state of deep relaxation. In order to better accommodate modern body structures, we incorporate meridian massage methods as well to obtain a higher degree of comfort. 

Benefits of the Cloudfall Treatment

  1. Relax muscle tension
  2. Loosen pressure and stress
  3. Soothe spine tension
  4. Stimulate body circulation
  5. Facilitate better sleep
  6. Release negative emotions
  7. Cloudfall Treatment essential oils, Cloudfall Kit

Blue Seeds Spa Treatments

Name Duration Area
Invigorating  30min Foot
Used oils: 
Calm essential oil, Flow essential oil, Empower essential oil 

Since fatigue and tension can easily accumulate in our lower body after a long day’s work, we have specially selected three essential oil blends to complement our massaging techniques targeting your foot soles and calves. By deeply relaxing these muscles in a 30-minute session, we are able to facilitate the circulation for the whole body, allowing for better relaxation.
Harmonizing  30min Back
Used oils: 
Promenade essential oil, Flow essential oil, Empower essential oil

Neck and shoulder pains are one of the most common discomfort of people in our time. In order to address this common issue, Blue Seeds specifically selected three essential oil blends designed to help soothe stress-induced tension in just a 30-minute massage treatment session. 
Relieving  60min Body
Used oils: 
Flow essential oil, Empower essential oil, marjoram Essential oil

A 60-minute full-body massaged targeted for those needing deep relaxation, the Stress Relieving massage treatment incorporates 5 different types of essential oil blends and specialized massage techniques to thoroughly loosens your muscles and soothe pressure. 
Energizing  90min Body
Used oils: 
 Cloudfall Kit 

For those who require deep relaxation, the Energizing massage treatment is a 90-minute session that incorporates all 9 essential oil blends of the Cloudfall Kit and the traditional Tibetan Vita Flex techniques which focuses on relaxing back muscles and realigning the spine for a thorough, full-body treatment that improves overall balance in the body.
Pampering  120min Body
Use oils: 
 Cloudfall Kit, tea tree essential oil, marjoram essential oil, rosemary essential oil

Our most thorough session, the Majestic Styled massage treatment lasts for 120 minutes and augments the effects of the Cloudfall Kit with three single essential oils. Using the ancient Tibetan Vita Flex techniques, this full-body treatment focuses on relaxing the back and realigning the spine, facilitating overall balance of the body and the mind. You are guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and pampered after the entire journey.

Cloudfall Treatment Oils

Name Effect

Flexible Essential Oil

Promote confidence and vitality, soothe spinal tension, boost cell function


Anti-bacterial, boosts metabolism

Tea Tree

Reduce inflammation, boosts immune health, prevent oxidization 


Reduce inflammation, soothe muscle tension


Stimulate circulation, soothe muscle tension, release edema


Soothe muscle tension, stimulate nervous system

Cloudfall Set

Reduce inflammation, soothe pains

Caution: Make sure to consume plenty of water before the Cloudfall Treatment in order to facilitate better metabolism. Anyone with current or previous cardiac issues, or anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, please alert the masseuse beforehand.