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Our thank you to our loyal supporters

With the support of 336 of our loyal sponsors, we were able to successfully complete our crowdfunding goals on FlyingV by raising NTD $1.12 million towards the development of all-natural movement. As a token of our appreciation, our supporters were invited to visit our farms and factories as we gave them a hands-on experience of how our products are made. 

In a two-day journey to the treasured lands of Taitung guided by our very own farmers, we toured the entire manufacturing process, and even went into the fields to do a bit of harvesting ourselves for the ingredients to make our own all-natural herbal teas and body scrubs. Seeing and experiencing everything for themselves, the supporters could tangibly feel the power behind their contributions as this social enterprise takes a stance for the betterment of our environment and our health.

Catherine Hsu – A story of personal experience

Catherine has long since heard of the term “transdermal toxins”, yet it was only recently that she began to feel its repercussions of massive hair loss due to her previous consumer choices that was centered around using the cheapest products. “On top of this, reaching menopause sparked a whole new array of issues like insomnia and negative emotions… I became heavily dependent on medication just to keep myself in check.” It was only upon incorporating Blue Seeds’ natural essential oils into her daily routines that she could finally feel these symptoms waning. From the first moment she came in contact with Blue Seeds, she knew this was something that needed to be shared. 

“After hearing people claim that herbs only take a month or so to grow, I was shocked to hear that Blue Seeds spends up 6 months before their plants are ready to be used as product ingredients; but after seeing the process for myself, it all made sense.” Just a few hours spent at our farms was enough to demonstrate why the pursuit of quality and sustainability is one that requires much patience. 

With friends and family all around starting to show symptoms of long-term illnesses, she feels very connected to the issues of environmental hormones. Although many modern medicines develop rapidly, there are still many scenarios in which they don’t work, and may actually do more harm due to all the chemical constituents. Catherine is put at ease in knowing that, with the development of natural farming and natural products, we may be given a new angle from which we can approach the health hazards of our era.

Hong Mu-hsing & Hsu Yu-ling – Quality over quantity: We can’t place a price tag on true value

Looking back at their previous shopping habits, Mu-hsing and Yu-ling realized that they had always placed well-known brand names at the priority. As such, they were skeptical at first when friends had shared with them a product from a brand-new social enterprise. However, upon experiencing these all-natural products for themselves, it didn’t take long to change their perspectives and to spark their curiosity in learning about Blue Seeds. 

To continue supporting Blue Seeds’ natural movement and to take a step in improving the health of the environment and themselves, they have committed to using their all-natural products. Although it’ll take time to phase out old habits, they know that such a change is a priceless improvement.

Principal Lan Hui-mei & Dean Yang Sheng-zhe – Education starting from the roots 

“We all know of the increasing environmental safety and health issues that have arisen starting from the Industrial Ages, and now we are really paying the price for it with our own bodies and our very own Earth. What’s really alarming is that when it comes in the form of environmental hormones, we don’t even feel it until it’s too late. That’s why this movement towards sustainability needs to start with the self.”

With this type of mentality, Bihu Elementary School Principal Lan Hui-mei and Dean Yang Sheng-zhe have both made the commitment to redefine elementary education by moving on from conventional curricula and approaching lessons from the environmental perspective. Blue Seeds recent project and donation of 300 soapworts to our school has really helped us give the children a true hands-on experience with the power of our nature and the importance of sustainable resource management – for that, we are very thankful. 

This trip has deepened their confidence in Blue Seeds’ ambitious mission because they portray the exactly values that we need to impart with our next generation. “We need to plant the seed of environmental protection into everyone’s hearts, and to nurture our love for our selves, our family, and our Earth.” Hand-in-hand with Blue Seeds, they will continue to inspire students to become more proactive in promoting a more sustainable future. 

Feng Guang-yuan & Liao Su-mei – Learning through interest, Supporting through participation

“We’ve always had a deep interest in essential oils, so we jumped at the opportunity to further our knowledge. We had always agreed with Blue Seeds’ methods of natural farming and their mission of promoting sustainability and health, but it’s only once we came to this event that we could really feel how deep their commitment runs. This experience was truly a refreshing lesson for us.” Both Mr. Feng and Mrs. Liao are looking forward to sharing this journey with their family and friends, and to support Blue Seeds with their continued participation. 

Tracy Tang, Melody Chen, & Zhu Feng-yi – Uniting towards a greener future

Though relatively new to aromatherapy, these three friends came to Taitung with high hopes in learning more about the healthier lifestyle choices they could be making. “This event has given me many opportunities to learn more about Taiwanese agriculture, especially after speaking to the contract farmers and hearing their stories, I can truly say that this is something that I want to continue supporting. I feel like it’s time that I really started to think about the importance of environmental protection.” They truly believe that with every additional supporter of green initiatives, we take a step towards rediscovering the original beauty of our Earth. 

Teresa Yuan and May Yuan – One person’s influence may be small, but standing united, the possibilities are endless

“Although we noticed that natural products are usually more expensive due to their higher production costs, when we compare the health and environmental benefits relative to cheaper chemical products, the difference is almost negligible. We’ve always been quite wary of the differences in ingredients and expiry dates between natural and chemical products, and we understood the dangers of chemical pollution, but we were at loss as to what we could do to alleviate this issue.” As such, when these sisters first heard of Blue Seeds’ all-natural products, their interest was instantly piqued. 

“There are actually a lot of people out there, myself included, that really want to do something for Taiwan, yet we’re at a loss as to what we can do, especially as a single person.” Once at a loss, Blue Seeds has given them a channel through which they can support Taiwan’s development, even as a single person – with a simple consumer choice, each person has the ability to vote for the values and visions in which they believe. 

“The hands-on experiences during these two days has allowed me to realize that when we all unite in a movement like that Blue Seeds is leading, we all have the power to take care of both ourselves and our environment as well.” With the knowledge that they’ve accumulated during this trip, both Teresa and May are looking forward to uniting even more people, helping Blue Seeds make a real change in the legacy we leave for our country. 

In 2016, Blue Seeds has partnered with over 30 farmers and accumulated 40 hectares of land, but in 2017, we are looking to provide opportunities for even more locals by expanding to 100 hectares. With every additional hectare we can grow 2700 more soapworts to protect 450 more families from the harms of environmental hormones. Although such a goal will surely provide many difficult challenges, with the support of our loyal patrons, Blue Seeds will continue to strive towards a more sustainable future.