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Brand Story

In the face of a global increase in health hazards and environmental issues, it’s hard to fathom what one person can do to help – our mission is to overthrow this paradigm. Young and ambitious, Blue Seeds seeks to empower the civilian in this revolution against pollutants by redefining the personal care industry and pioneering the popularization of natural farming. 

A movement against environmental hormones

We all know the classic spy mission: A specially-trained agent infiltrates enemy lines and melds into their culture in preparation for a surprise attack from within. Environmental hormones are those spies, and our ecosystems are filled with them. While they certainly aren’t trained, you can’t see, smell, or feel them; most won’t even know they exist – of course, until it’s already too late. Environmental hormones resemble natural hormones in structure and can thus easily disrupt or mutate both human and animal bodily functions. What’s worse is that this is only one of the many issues that plague our world today.

Some say that such large issues can only be resolved by government policies, but we believe in the impact of the civilians. Natural farming is not a new innovation or an inaccessible process, it is the return to a time without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals, one that was formed with a pure relationship between humans and nature. With a brand that enhances these ancient processes in a movement towards healthier, more sustainable practices, everyone is given an opportunity to vote for a safer future. However, this is just the start, and we invite you to join us on the rest of the way.

While we also enforce the GMO-free, locally-made standards that society has come to expect, we challenge the frontier by strictly ensuring that everything donning the Blue Seeds brand is made exclusively with the plants that we have so carefully nurtured by hand, guaranteeing a genuine, 100% natural product. As such, from the moment we plant the seed to the moment you use the last drop in the bottle, the innate balance of our precious ecosystem is never compromised. 

Instead of using surfactants and foaming agents, we use the soapwort – nature’s soap; instead of using chemical preservatives, the innate nutrients in our essential oils have anti-bacterial effects that serve the same purpose. Finally, to complete our genuinely all natural products, we include hydrosols, aloe vera, algae, sea salt, and more. Using chemical-free products is but a minor change in our daily habits that goes a long way in protecting our Earth, but by just showing a small token of appreciation, the Earth will naturally reciprocate. 

Blue Seeds’ Values:

  1. Assist local farmers in adopting natural farming to provide opportunities and to reduce their exposure to chemicals. 
  2. Construct an ethical retail system to encourage consumers to participate in protecting our environment
  3. Farm sustainably by using only native plant species to ensure healthy and naturally diverse local ecosystems 
  4. Produce and innovate all-natural products by using 100% naturally farmed ingredients
  5. Promote a more natural lifestyle by connecting consumers, producers, and nature in a sustainable, mutually beneficial cycle and mindset


Blue Seeds’ Commitments:

Natural farming and natural plant extraction 

We’ve spent years in researching our techniques and processes to help nature grow without getting in its way. As such, by making full use of its ecosystems from the microscopic decomposers to the majestic trees, Blue Seeds has become a sustainable facilitator for nature. Then, by using the unprocessed plants we’ve so carefully nurtured, we are able to ensure all the most important nutrients are retained in every one of our products so that we can give you the best natural experience on the market.

Less is more

Blue Seeds refuses to use any industrialized processes to maintain the original balance of our ecosystems. We harvest crops by hand, refine and extract oils through low pressure steam distillation, and package ourselves as well, all in order to ensure the quality of our product.

Low-pressure extraction and natural maturation

All our plants have their oils extracted through low pressure steam distillation before they are let to mature for a period of up to 6 months in order to retain its best innate nutrients.


Natural Farming:

Natural farming in and of itself isn’t some special agricultural practice – it’s a travel back in time to a time before fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. It is an ancient method in which farmers facilitated the growth of nature, instead of getting in its way with chemical substances; the core concept is to use nature, for nature. 

Organic farming, unlike natural farming, is characterized by the use of organic fertilizers. Although very strict regulations are abided in order to produce it, organic fertilizers are still a type of fertilizer, and that means it is synthetic and made with a non-zero amount of chemicals. Conversely, natural farmers will use worms and weeds to create compost, using the very foundation of our ecosystem to create nature’s “fertilizer”. Although standard market practices seem to produce immediate results, in the long run, they harm the land so thoroughly and mutate the environment. Natural farming ensures sustainability because this is the way it’s meant to be.

As you would expect, this type of farming takes more time and labour, and is thus not the global mainstream. However, by including more and more farmers in this movement, Blue Seeds strives to popularize the use of natural farming and natural products. With years of relentless research, Blue Seeds has been able to incorporate cutting-edge agricultural technology with these ancient farming techniques, all to preserve the original, pristine state of our world. 

All of our products are made with these plants that we so carefully nurture, and then refined through cold-pressed extraction, low-temperature steam distillation, and maturation in soil – all contributing to maintaining the best nutrients of nature. Each product can take up to one year to make in order to guarantee that we can give you the best.

12 Commitments:

  1. All products are created solely with the use of 100% natural plants
  2. All products are created without the use of GMOs 
  3. All plants used are sustainably grown with natural farming processes
  4. All products exclude any substances that may cause environmental harm 
  5. All plant oils are cold-pressed to maintain its most natural components 
  6. All essential oils and floral waters are extracted through steam distillation
  7. All essential oils are allowed to naturally mature for at least 6 months
  8. All products are created without the use of animal testing
  9. All product substances provide positive hair or skin benefits
  10. All products must be able to naturally diffuse without compromising the environment
  11. All products exclude synthetic substances such as coloring, aromas, or preservatives
  12. All production processes are conducted by local workers